Transplant Tales: to China and back

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey bro,

Yes I have the same cell # 238-6203 you know the area code, better if you call me and give me your new e# dont use this avenue.
call me

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.
You know I have been off the chemo now for approx, 3 months and had a ct done on Tue, 03/21/07 and scheduled a appointment to see the doctor to view the pictures and com pair them in order to evaluate whether or not to go back on chemo.
Well I went to the appointment and again was left in the waiting room for approx 40 min, (this is the 3rd time the doctor has stood me up) I asked for my 15.00 co pay back, they gave it back with another apology. Its not the nurses fault. I was very disappointed but asked them to have him call me with the results of the pictures.
I understand there are others in Moore need then myself, but I am a patent also, so I requested a new doctor,so as to lessen his case load.
Well he did call me back that afternoon and said there was no change in my condition so we agreed we should not do chemo for another 2 months, great news hu!!!!

I think that my positive attitude has allot to do with my condition. I look forward to the coming year, and many Moore, so all of you reading this with cancer think positive!!!!
We must stay mentally healthy in order to beat this.
I hope the medical community will start looking into alternate discovery's in cancers and stop beening so narrow minded.
When I was in China the doctors use Herbalists and whatever else they need to fight this disease.
I have been reading some positive discovery's in medical science, hopefully they wont wait 20 years to let them out.

Depression is one of the hardest things to deal with when going through chemotherapy,maybe if there was Moore support it may help.
If any one needs support please write me I will try to help.

Anyway the kids and I are doing great In our new house, they are very happy and love our new backyard.

Also the book is in publishing and I will let you all no when its actually out.
I say thank you to Stef S. for helping me finish it I owe it all to her.

May God bless you has he has me
Love Eric

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey folk's hope every one is doing well.
I agree with one of the anonymous comments that was made,re: airing our laundry, I think we should keep this blog site for what it was intended for.
So I will let you know whats been happening.
I had another TV interview (channel 26 ) on Mon, and spoke to a group of transplant patients at El Camino hospital in Mountain View, It was fun and very enlightening for me.
One man had a liver transplant 19 years ago, another woman had a kidney transplant over 16 years ago. It gave me moor hope, although I have cancer and my time here may be shorter it still is very positive, and positive is what I need in my life, no negativity.
Because I'm going to beat this one way or another.
I stoped my chemo for now about 4 weeks ago, I wanted to monitor the progression of the tomors without chemo, and I feel outstanding, of course if the cancer is moving fast I will go back on it. I dont know how but I feel in my heart that god has a purpose for me and its not my time yet.
I want to help others get through this and maybe this is my purpose.
Well the kids are doing great, we have rented a home close to Dominic's school so he did not have to change.

I look forward to the coming year and feel very positive about it.

I wish to thank all my friends for all there help through this move and divorce, It has been trying, but we are De Leons and we dont quit, not without a fight!
So think positive and never quit.

Peace and love to all

Friday, March 09, 2007

What CANCER really does to people
Eric has been dealing with quite a bit, besides his cancer. He saw his doctor earlier in February and was told that he wanted him to start a new Chemo. One dose a week for eight weeks. Has he chose to show up to the treatments? Well this is the 4th week and no he hasn't. He is upset at his doctor for not getting back to him, returning his emails or phone calls. I agree with him on this the doctor is very slow.
Eric wanted to get another CT-Scan to see the progress of his cancer. The doctor, from what Eric tells me, says that he received one in January, and that they only do them every three months. Well. Eric an I got into a bit of a disagreement. I told him that the doctor may be a bit upset with him since he is not showing up to his treatments. How can you agree to something, and then just not canceling..just not show..And then you ask for a CT-scan to see the obvious.
I told him that these are time slots that other Chemo patients could be slotted for.
Eric is talking to me one day and mad at me the next. I have to admit I am feeling the same way. He has been going 100miles per hour, since the move from the house. Complaining that he is feeling tired and run down. I tell him to take a break, but do you think he listens? NO!!
This blog was set up and maintained my me for almost a year. It was originally set up to keep in touch with our family and close friends while we were in Shanghai. It has evolved into something more than that. Eric now creates posts since I began to drop back in October. It wasn't until now that I decided to post again.
To the party that decided to judge me, Unless you have full access into our private lives, and see the true picture of things, please refrain from making such hateful comments.
Our personal life unfortunately became part of this blog the day we create it. As far as mentioning anger, yes, he is angry. Angry at me, the doctors, the cancer, and anyone else that end up in the path that he is taking.
Eric is very powerful in the sense that he can do anything that he puts his mind to. A quality about him I love dearly. No matter how upset we get each other, I am still there supporting, and cheering him on.