Transplant Tales: to China and back

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Trial Run

Today we got up and got around. Getting things together to go back to the hospital. On our way out of the hotel I stopped off at Starbucks..yes Starbucks and ordered a Soy thing that tasted and reminded me of home.

We got back to the hospital an sat around trying to get internet access and no luck! We needed to get online to do our banking. So we left and went back to our apartment in order to get online. Amazing that we could come and go from the hospital so easy. We were told to be back at 1:oopm. So we took advantage of the time and went and had lunch. I have to say both Eric and myself like the food. It is trial an error on ordering though. It sure is a good thing that we enjoy Chinese food, if we didn't we would be in big trouble. We had some Dim Sum and Beef and vegetable stir fry.

Just as we were finishing lunch we received a phone call telling us that the surgery was being postponed. Reason was the potential Liver did not pass the screening tests. Bummer!

No problem we will just take advantage of the time and try and see some sights of the Shanghai.

We decided to go and get some groceries for the apartment and went to a grocery store that had western goods. Of all places to find a grocery store, we found ourselves at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. I could not believe it. It seemed like we were at the Cesar Palace in Las Vegas. It was a city all of its own. We bought of all things Peanut Butter and Jelly. We figured you can't go wrong with that. We also found some Breyers Ice cream. More comfort food.

Well enough of my rambling for now.

Hopefully I can upload a couple of pictures on our next posting. Bye for now!
Lori an Eric


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric & Lori

Thank heaven for Starkbucks, ice cream and any other comfort food you guys can find over there. Go figure, if there was a Starbucks to find, I knew Lori would find it. This blog is a great. I'm looking forward to your next posting and hopefully some pictures. I'm confident there will be good news coming Eric's way next week. Enjoy your sightseeing. Love you both.

Joyce and The Joyce Family

3/03/2006 4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

We just got back from Mike M. party everyone asked about you we told them we could not wait to get home and check out your web page, I have been checking every couple of hours. Sorry about that liver but thank GOD! they checked it out good. We want you to have a good healthy liver. Everyone wishes you the best and wants to be kept up to date, so we will be checking this every day. If you have a number please send it to us. We all miss you and are all saying prayers for you and Lori too! We are waiting for your home coming!

If you have a address also send it please.


3/03/2006 11:20 PM  

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