Transplant Tales: to China and back

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

64 A.T.

Eric celebrated 2 months with his liver transplant. We went and saw the liver surgeon at UCSF an again they commented on how well he looked. We asked about his medications and the insulin shots. His blood sugar is looking good so they had us taper down the shots to 1 shot in the morning.
We also spoke to the doctor again about preventive Chemo, like the Chinese doctors have recommended. There again the UCSF surgeon said, they don't recommend doing preventive chemo. Stating that the down side with treatment out weigh the upside. So here again preventive care is out the window. The surgeon stated we can declare victory if the cancer does not reoccur before then. I commented that everyday right now is victory!
Just when we thought thing were going good. We did receive a call from his GI doctor that afternoon informing us that his AFP levels were climbing again. This is not a good sign.
Eric had an CT scan today, we should find out something Monday or Tuesday. We will keep everyone posted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lori and Eric,

I think what you did by going to China for your transplant was very brave and you received a gift of life. For whatever reason people want to believe the negative side, it is to me only because they are negative people to begin with. If they were faced with your same situation what would they do? No body has the right to put down anyone until they have been faced with the same situation and lord who knows what they would do. And also what about the people in the United States that takes people's organs and leave them to die, or people themselves who do sell their organs for profit, does anyone think about that. No matter where you got your liver it was done legally as far as I am concerned and the surgery was done by one of the best surgeons. I am so thankful for you return and the story you can share with others in the same situation. My best wishes and continued support to you Eric and your beautiful Lori for sharing your story and giving other people the opportunity to live.


5/25/2006 12:17 AM  
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