Transplant Tales: to China and back

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey all,

I apologies for not posting sooner,I am limited with my skills on the computer , but I am learning more every day.
Well the treatment I went through in Santa Barbara with the Issels center did not work. They tried, but It seemed to elevate my AFPs to triple what they were before I went, also there is another tumor on my new liver.
No worries were not quitting,well beat It. I have already started another treatment with supplements. You have to understand my condition Is unique because having a transplant I have to take anti rejection drugs(immunosupresant) so if we ramp up my immune system to much my body will attack my new liver, so we must balance very carefully. I have been told by my Drs to start chemo, which I will do very soon, and the supplements will work In conjunction.
I am positive we can reduce this cancer or eliminate It, never give up that's my moto.
My family and friends have been super supportive, I love you all, special thanks to Paul Kerrigan for his support.

To a friend from China:
re: Falun Gong practitioners
I don't want to get into the political aspect of this, I did not see or here of any of the statements that have been brought up re: Falun Gong.
I looked up both web sites you left me there not there?
I would be cures to find out where all this info comes from, or is this more media hype.
And lets not forget the Chinese people need organs to I was the only Anglo in the hospital.
There were 8 other transplant patents where I was, and thousands more people In the hospital, It was so crowded there there was a line for every test. They are helping there own people and saving lives.

To all the cancer victims
think positive never give up!!!!
Love to all

Saturday, August 19, 2006

159 A.T.
Eric returned back from Santa Barbara looking and feeling great. Although, as of the August 4th, blood work, his AFP was showing 35,000. The AFP had tripled since he started the detox treatment. One good thing has come of these past 3 weeks. He has definitely benefited from this Issels Treatment Center, when it comes to better eating habits. We have converted to "ORGANIC" fruits and veggies, Gluten Free foods, and the best part, we have started a garden. Not just your typical dirt garden, that would be to easy. We have started a Hydroponic garden. Eric seems to think the wave of the future will be home gardening.
By doing hydroponics you can control the nutrients and oxygen you plants get. This also assists with the control of pests. We've got 20 plants going right now, with just one week under our belt the plants have almost doubled. With signs of tomatoes and bell peppers in the next couple of weeks. We will be eating great. Eric built a green house to house this wonderful plants and I have given him his next project, another hydroponic set up for 30 plants! I really did not think I would have gotten so excited abou this but I am. I guess you could call it, good therapy for Eric and myself.
Eric has returned back to work this last week. He said the job seemed as if it was at a halt while he was gone. Now it's back to business. Eric got a phone call from a rep with Wells Fargo Bank, wanting to know if he would share his story with them. Sounds like good PR.
Eric has a CT scan on Monday, August 21st and then an appointment with his Oncologist Tuesday, August 22nd. We will find out were his AFP is and what options if any we have. We will post an update next week.
Thanks to everyone for everything!
Keep Blogging!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

146 A.T.

Eric is getting ready to go back to Santa Barbara for his last week of treatment. He has lost about 10lbs since he started. He looks better than ever.

The treatment consists of receiving vitamins and minerals interveniously, Organic menu and absolutely no sugars!! He is also receiving Heyperberic treatments which consists of laying in a pressurized tank and receiving oxygen, to oxygenate his cells. Another treatment he does is the Therma Bed, which heats his body to appoximately 165 degrees by UV. This is to create an environment too hot for bacteria to live in. This is all done once a day for one hour.
Throughout this treatment Eric does routine coffee enemas and weekly colonics, recommended for anyone you think is full of crap!

He has altered his habits tremendously. We are all eating healthier due to this. The key objective was to rebalance and detoxify your body and allow it to naturally fight as it is meant to.

After this last week of treatment Eric will get a CT scan of the lungs and we will see if there has been any positive effect. The Hep C is still there and we'll check on that as well.