Transplant Tales: to China and back

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey everyone,

I hope all is well.

Well the good news first, I had a ct scan about a week ago, and the tumors are shrinking, which is fantastic news for me. I feel great and healthy, I have been on a cloud eversience.
The doctor told me to keep doing whatever I am doing, which is having a posative attitude and not to get depressed.
To the people who write hateful comments, shame on you!!!!
I am going to visit Lucy in the hospital today (she also has cancer) and try to cheer her up and hopefuly give her some posative attitude.
I spoke to my transplant quardenator in China re: transplants and he told me that they shut down forien transplants.

Well I must go for now, please write with your comments.

Thank You All



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Eric,

congratulations on the favorable scanning results!

i hope you are doing well otherwise, too

god bless,

7/23/2007 10:31 AM  

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