Transplant Tales: to China and back

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.
I think you all must know that the book is out now on, and you can look it up by name transplant tales, or by author Eric and Loretta De Leon. There is one other way if you should have trouble, by calling 1866-308-6235 which is there costumer service land line.
So I hope you all get one.

I feel great, except for a slite chest cold, I got golfing last Sunday ,no Moore morning golf.
The kid's are doing great, Dominic starts summer school this Monday , and I am looking for some child care, so if anyone in my area knows of or wants to babysit for about 4 hours a day let me know.

It's bin real.
Keep in touch



Anonymous Anonymous said...


i just wanted to stop by to tell you that i highly respect your personality and abilities. awesome. best wishes! Joachim

6/21/2007 9:35 AM  
Blogger Maatsfeather said...

You are monsters. You are condoning murdering innocent human beings to get organs. And now you are making money by selling a book about it. You do not deserve to be alive. It would have been better for you to die with dignity and as a human being than to commit a horror. Sooner or later you are going to die. But you will not die a human being. You have no conscience. May your children pay for your crime in the world they will inherit from you. Maybe in a few years the live organ donors will be them. May you have to watch from your place in Hell the consequences of your crime. You are no more than murderers.

6/25/2007 1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you are encouraging other people to commit murder. A lot of people die honorably in their fifties, instead of murdering another human being to get what--a couple more years. You sir are an abomination and you and those who you are helping and encouraging to commit murder on you site are nothing more than MURDERERS. You should all be arrested and executed. It would be poetic justice if you, or some of your loved ones, were forced to donate their organs while they are still alive. Anyone who goes to China for organ transplants is participating in murder. Your lives are not worth more than those of the poor innocents you kill as if they were no more than lab rats. May God visit you and make you look in the mirror and truth and see the disgusting abominable beast that you are. You contribute nothing to this earth and to humanity. You will go to hell. Remember what you have done when your time finally comes. May you be forced to face the darkness alone, without comforting angels or God. May instead you face the angry spirits of those you have murdered. Your site is an abomination and should be banned from the internet. You show no remorse and you even say that you are not ashamed or embarrassed of your crimes. If you have grandchildren, see how you would feel if it were your grandchild who was arrested held, and murdered for her organs. Imagine how she would feel being held prisoner, knowing what was to become of her. Imagine after her organs are harvested while she is still alive and she is left to die while the one who stole her organ goes merrily on his way to live a few more months of his worthless life. MURDERER! MURDERER! MURDERER! It would be a mercy if you killed yourself and cleansed the earth of your presence.

6/25/2007 6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The moral issues of where the organs may or may not come from is not the issue. The issue here is what you would do if life handed you the same situation. The people who post these comments find it easy to comment about decisions made by someone else. If given the same circumstances; I feel they too would consider other alternatives. Buddy, you did what you needed to do to raise your kids and for that, no one can fault you! -Bitchface

6/25/2007 11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to those hateful comments: if you find yourself in that situation, i bet you would be tempted to do the same. HYPOCRITES.

and the way how you write it (with the intention to inflict as much pain as possible) tells me you are not really the "good people" you pretend to be. No you are just typical hypocrites (yawn!)

Because if you guys would be serious about what you write, then you would not post on a blog like this,

instead you would:

- you would go protesting the death penalty in your own country, the United States. Right!

- not go to Hawaii this year and instead donate the money to AIDS charity in Africa.

- instead of a BMW drive a Toyota and give the money to cancer research

that, gents, would SAVE lives. But your childish adolescent hate speech does not save lives, it's only written with one goal, i.e. to inflict pain on somebody who really has had his own share of pain already! So, shame on YOU, you are only sadists nothing more, there is no noblesse in what you did at this blog!

6/28/2007 12:26 PM  
Anonymous connie carpenter said...

I have never read such hateful words from people who obviously hold themselves as examples of such rightiousness. "Judge not lest ye be judged"

My son went to China in hopes of life but he lost his battle because in fact, they do not murder their prisoners to take their organs. When a prisoners organ is used, it is with the persons permission. My son chose to wait for a liver from an accident victim or someone who happened to die a donor. It did not work out for him even when in the last two days of his life he agreed to accept a liver from an executed prisoner. The liver never came because no one was scheduled for execution.If they were murdering for organs, my son would be alive today.

Please don't pass judgement and condem a man for wanting to live to raise his children. You will have to answer to a higher power for your vindictive meaness. You do not sound like a good person to me. I am sorry for you.

Connie Carpenter

7/02/2007 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric and Loretta would it anyway be humanly possible to contact you? If not could you contact me? I would like to obtain more information for my father who needs a liver transplant and is not qualified in the united states due to the tumor being to big. Please help. You can reach me at


7/05/2007 1:59 AM  
Blogger iwillsurvive said...

I went to China for a liver transplant due to cancer in November. T was horrified to read the venomous comments from these ill informed individuals. Not a day goes by when I hear my children shriek with laughter that I don't thank God for leading me down the path that saved my life. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful Chinese doctors and the donor that kept me alive. Do I deserve to live more than the poor souls condemned in a Chinese prison? I don't believe that I do but the Chinese government is killing these people, not the transplant patients seeking to continue living for the sake of their families. Instead of heckling from the sidelines, why don't you take action and try to make a difference. I bet you haven't even taken the time to choose organ donation on your driver's license.

7/15/2007 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I have a friend that is in the same shoes you were in. Where does he start?

Chuck Peterson

3/17/2008 8:22 PM  

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