Transplant Tales: to China and back

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hey all,
For Richard:Thank you for your interest, It's appreciated I do have something you may be able to help with, I will email you personals, thank you Rich.
For Ma Tootsie:I'M so sorry to hear of your nephew's conditionally cares if they get turned off,for one I have not seen any evidence to support these claims, only media hype I stated before I saw no evidence of cruelty to anyone, also I was the only American on the transplant floor, there were 8 other patients on the floor, all Asian,so there doing transplants on there own people also there given transplants based on the severity of the condition.
don't get me wrong I'm not promoting going to China for transplants, I did what I had to do to stay alive!
It's to bad the fund raising people are so narrow minded, but how about this, could you set up a bloc page for him, and set it up so people can donate online, I would be happy to be the first one to donate.
Well if anyone didn't see the latest interview that was on Sun. 09/22/06 at 7:00 here is the e-mail address you can pull up yourself.
After you get there click on the story The Wait For Life.

It is a vary informative interview, you will see just how unfair the system is!

Im still taking all my supplements every couple of hours everyday, this may be the reason I don't get sick when they give me the chemo.
And still have lot's of energy, I'm going to beat this cancer one way or another!!!!!!!
positive thinking that's half the battle, never give up!!

Ma Tootsie,
As I stated I would be happy to help somehow, If you reply with your email then I will contact you personally..thank you.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

6 Months Since the Transplant
During the past 3 weeks Eric has done a lot. He began Systemic Chemo (traditional) via IV. Amazingly enough, he has had very little side effect. He was tired that evening of treatment and then felt great the next day.

As Eric shared in his last blog post, the CT scan in August showed a 5cm tumor that has developed in his new liver. Yes, the cancer has reinfected it. Apparently, this tumor was on the July CT scan but was, either not noticed or just not told to us. However, comparing the 2 CT scans which are 4 weeks apart, it is obvious that this tumor is quite aggressive. Growing more than 4 times in size in 4 weeks. With this aggressiveness it was clear that we needed to be doing more than this traditional Chemo. We suggested doing an Embylization to block the blood supply to the tumor. One oncologist wasn't to keen on the idea, but Eric's post transplant doctor at UCSF was agreeing that we needed to do something about the liver tumor. Since it was in a position to cause liver failure than the lung tumors that seem to be just hanging out.

So know I am actually sitting here at the hospital as I type. Waiting for Eric to come out of the procedure room. Of course there is risk in doing this procedure, as with anything there are levels of risk. We are optimistic that he will complete this with no issues. Just like everything else he has endured.

It's strange. Someone mention to me the other day, that we are fortunate to know so much. By knowing so much about this Liver Cancer and various procedures and treatments. It has managed to give us a voice on how we want to proceed with treatment. Without it, I would have no clue of what to ask and would end up completely relying on one doctors suggestions. I guess you could say We've been around this block.

Oh and one last thing to mention. Tomorrow night, September 22,2006, there will be a show called California Connection, televised be PBS. You will need to check your local channels to find the time in your area. I do know here in the bay area it on KQED at 7pm. Eric, had an interview back in July with them and they are finally airing it. Should be quite interesting. The show is discussing our US medical industry and the transplant waiting lists.

Enjoy the show and again Thank you to everyone for their support.

Lori De Leon