Transplant Tales: to China and back

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello All,

I hope you are all doing well, I have not been as active as mabye I should but I'm dealing with alot at this time.
The chemo is no fun let me tell you all, it seams to zzzap all the energy out of you and there is nowhere to replenesh the stock.
The good new's is that it seams the embospherars that Dr Kotton injected into my liver seam to have slowed the progreshtion of the tuomor on my liver, but the spots on my lungs are getting a bit larger, also causing some fatiuge and shortness of breath.
I have opted for now to take another break in the chemo for know because of the way it makes me fell (zzzapt) .
I recieved some coments from folks all over and very much appreciate your input thank you all, i am reserching thise options one at a time and trying very hard to follow up on what's best for my conditon.
I know in my heart I must keep a possitave attitude in order to combat this terible desiese, It is difficult, but I will sucseed this cancer will not kill me, it may be something else.
I will fight till my last breath, dont stop fighting!!!!
The key to life is to stay alive, it is not easy to loose 30 lbs and keep getting it back , sometimes not quite enough, but not giving up.
The good lord is within me I know and when it's my time it's my time, I am not afraid when he need's me I will be there to help, this is within all of us ,I want you all to know i have had to fight all my life since 9 years old riding the buse's in S.F. to go to school, how did mom know I would need this training?
They say it build's caricter wow what a caricter I must be!
Well as if thats not enough my wife is having a very hard time with coping with my condition, so it's been desided to sell our home so I dont leave her with ton's of debt, and we need to get out of this super large morgage, I am still working and doing the very best I can I dont know how much Longer I can, but I refuse to let my family down nor my company, whom have been the greates alies a man could ever hope for, these men and woman in this company have suported me through litteraly life and death, without them I dont know if I would have made it, thank you all, Rich Stevens, Victor, Dave, Rich R, Mureal, Katie,Liz,Malinda,Craig,Rob,Juan, Mario, Jeff,Ramone,Jake,Kevin,and all the crews from CCI without you I could not have kept It up.
On the more personal , I thank my family all my adult children Cristina,Desrea,Athena,Andrea and my young ones Dominic, Samantha, also my wonderful wife Lori whom has stod by me through it all,I love you all!!!!!!!

Remember this when the goin gets tough the tough get going, never give up!