Transplant Tales: to China and back

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year everybody...

Well it's Jan, 1st 2008 and I for one am glad 2007 is gone, overall 07 did not turn out all that well for me. It seemed to me most of the people I spoke with did not have a great year.
I know buissness was slow, at least in the construction area, I must have sent out at least 100 resume's and only got a couple of offers, I got laid off on 6/01/07 and went on SDI untill I landed a job in Sep 9/15/07 which only lasted 4.5 weeks (demo only) and found myself off again in Oct 10/15/07, and it took 8 week's of dealing with SDI to reinstate me on my perminent dissability status, I was allmost on the streets. Realy!
Well with that behind me I am going to keep a posative attitude in 2008 It may start a little slow but I'm shure it will finish with a bang!

The kid's are doing great, and had a wonderful Christmas Dominic is going back to school (St Timothy's) tomorrow 01/02/08 and Samantha is looking forward to starting school in September.

My health is well and I fell great, I will go for a CT scan in Feb, but I can tell you the results, my cancer is going away, so I can live on for another day.

I thank all of for all your support throught these trying times. And may god bless you as he has me.
Also a special thanks to the unknown donor.

I wrote you re: your condition but it didn't go through, I will try another way, but if it does not go, can you write me and explain the (PSC) liver condition I will try to help in any way I can

Have A great 2008 and stay possative, Love you all

Eric De Leon