Transplant Tales: to China and back

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.
You know I have been off the chemo now for approx, 3 months and had a ct done on Tue, 03/21/07 and scheduled a appointment to see the doctor to view the pictures and com pair them in order to evaluate whether or not to go back on chemo.
Well I went to the appointment and again was left in the waiting room for approx 40 min, (this is the 3rd time the doctor has stood me up) I asked for my 15.00 co pay back, they gave it back with another apology. Its not the nurses fault. I was very disappointed but asked them to have him call me with the results of the pictures.
I understand there are others in Moore need then myself, but I am a patent also, so I requested a new doctor,so as to lessen his case load.
Well he did call me back that afternoon and said there was no change in my condition so we agreed we should not do chemo for another 2 months, great news hu!!!!

I think that my positive attitude has allot to do with my condition. I look forward to the coming year, and many Moore, so all of you reading this with cancer think positive!!!!
We must stay mentally healthy in order to beat this.
I hope the medical community will start looking into alternate discovery's in cancers and stop beening so narrow minded.
When I was in China the doctors use Herbalists and whatever else they need to fight this disease.
I have been reading some positive discovery's in medical science, hopefully they wont wait 20 years to let them out.

Depression is one of the hardest things to deal with when going through chemotherapy,maybe if there was Moore support it may help.
If any one needs support please write me I will try to help.

Anyway the kids and I are doing great In our new house, they are very happy and love our new backyard.

Also the book is in publishing and I will let you all no when its actually out.
I say thank you to Stef S. for helping me finish it I owe it all to her.

May God bless you has he has me
Love Eric


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bud, I'm glad your doing ok. Do you still have the same cell phone? Let me know what's going on, take care buddy, Steve Nissen

3/25/2007 11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi eric

I am so glad to hear of a great liver transplant story ....I have a urgent need to find out info, because my brother is at the end stage of liver disease and I need to do whatever it takes to get him a liver. Can you please communciate with me when you have a minute. I just have a few questions.

Hope you and your family are doing good


3/26/2007 1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry - this is AC- I just submitted a response but did not include a contact number. How can I get this number to you or an email.

Thanks so much and God Bless.

3/26/2007 1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have tried calling you but the phone just rings and rings... do you have an anwering machine? call me and leave your nomber, maybe I have the wrong one


4/03/2007 7:01 PM  

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