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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter to all

I hope every one is doing well, and your Easter be a joy full one.
Well Dominic's birthday was yesterday 4/6/ and we had a party at Malibu Grand Prix today and had a wonderful time.All the kid's had a great time.

I received some good news the other day re: my result's from the doctor ,he stated that my condition was stable and there was no growth. So this is very positive,I know that the power of the mind is one of the best healing powers,and of coarse the Lord. Don't forget he is within all of us.
The book is in publishing right now and hope by next week I can tell you to go to Amazon to order one, I only hope that It will help someone someday.

Well it's time for me to go make dinner for the kid's so I will talk to all of you soon, and may God bless you all.



Blogger marketbn said...

Dear Eric,
A very close friend of mine is in need of a liver transplant and does not meet the American qualifications. I tried to call your cell phone, but it was not working. Could you please contact me at so I can get some additional information on where to begin this process? We are desperately running out of time. Thank you so much in advance. Betty

4/18/2007 11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
Not sure my last communication got to you so hereit is again
I saw hyour story in the SF Chronicle. I am a producer for National Geographic Explorer. I am very interestedin talking to you soon. I'm in hte bay area. I can be reached by email
ph 510 912-6391-cell.
thak you
Ray Telles

4/22/2007 2:13 PM  

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