Transplant Tales: to China and back

Friday, March 17, 2006

2 A.T. ( after transplant )

Well it's been 2 days since and as you can see Eric is feeling pretty good, despite all the tubes, iv's and wires. We has already said he's ready to go. Isn't that just like him! He's no where near ready. He's already bored out of his mind. Partly due to the fact that he hasn't been able to sleep much. Plus he's a little paranoid. He thinks the nurses are screwing around with him. Tony said the paranoia is normal and is actually one of the side effects of the anti rejection medicine. I think it might also have a little to do with the fact that there is a bit of a language barrier. I try and reassure him that he's fine and just to try and relax as best he can. This hospital staff are professionals and do this job as a daily routine.
Tiffany and I are able to go in and see him any time we like.
"Move over nurse Ratchet!"
He has quite a battle wound. They removed his bandages when they were going to give him a sonogram. Good timing! The Doctor told Eric that he was very lucky. He received a 20 year old liver. Young and healthy. Hmmm...Maybe that's why Eric is feeling so good already!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness, that's one mighty big cut. They only took out the liver right. Take care and remember, all nurses understand a smile.

Love you guys

3/17/2006 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dam! eric looks like you did harrycarry on your self.Its nice to see you smiling.see you soon


3/17/2006 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading daily reports, you look great. unbelieveable. 20 year old liver? wow
i think about you every day!
hugs and kisses , Sheryl

3/18/2006 6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi grandpa I love you I miss you and lori I cant wait for you to bring me chopsticks. love TIANAANDMOMMY

3/18/2006 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Daniel and Lindsay said...

Hey Guys,

This is Daniel and Lindsay. So glad Eric made it thru the transplant. Your blog is great, but it is so weird to read it and see the pictures. It's deja vu. That's Daniel's story exactly 6 months ago. I also got a picture of his liver!
Hang in there and keep pushing Tony to get Eric out of ICU. We got Daniel out in 4 days. Need any info, just let us know

3/19/2006 9:38 AM  

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