Transplant Tales: to China and back

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

104 A.T.
It has been 3 months since the transplant and so far so good. Eric's over all health is great. All lab test show that the liver function is fantastic. The Doctors have began to taper down some of the anti rejection medications. Eric has an appointment tomorrow with UCSF, a normal post transplant appointment.
The recent MRI shows no sign of cancer, despite previous concern. Eric did have a CT scan done on the chest. What was seen was a couple suspicious spots. However we are told the spots are to small to do anything about at the moment. They have neither confirmed or ruled out that these spots are cancer.
Either way we have pursued seeing the Oncologist to discuss options. We have learned a lot this last year that, we need to be the aggressor not the cancer.
I catch myself getting discouraged occasionally, especially when we heard it may have returned. But I have to remind myself that we need to stay focused and continue living life to the fullest. Eric still remains strong and full of life an energy. I can only imagine what goes through his mind. One thing is for sure, through this last year an even now, I have grown to truly admire Eric for his will and determination to live.
Eric, I Love You!


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