Transplant Tales: to China and back

Friday, July 28, 2006

137 A.T.

How has it been a month already?? We are so sorry for not updating. So many things have occurred in this last month.

For starters, many of you have been wondering about Eric's Lungs. Well, they are secondary liver cancer lesions. The lesions as of the 17th of July were 1.5cm in size each of them. Instead of beginning Chemo, he has decided to take a Holistic approach while he still feels healthy and well. He begun treatment at a clinic in Santa Barbara, called The Issels Treatment Center. They take the approach of all organic, body detox and balancing the body's PH balance.

Eric has completed 1 week of the 3 week program. He has just got home for the weekend and looks great! This is challenging, especially with the major change in his life style and daily habits.


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