Transplant Tales: to China and back

Friday, March 31, 2006

15 A.T.

Here we are, another day in wonderful Shanghai. The land of about 1.5 million people, exotic fruits, and hospital meals that keep you guessing.

Eric has had the luxury of sampling many of these. The picture here is a fruit called "Dragon Fruit." This fruit was very interesting. Had no taste, but very juicy and refreshing. Needless to say, Eric is growing quite tiresome of the hospital food. Now he truly understands what Daniel (previous transplant patient) meant when he shared that the food tasted like....Hmm, wonder what he said?

The normal meal Eric receives consists of 2 bowls of rice, an a Banana. Along with that he also receives a dish of meat. This is when he gets to play "What am I?" Today's Menu for example consisted of the following.

Breakfast: Meat Bun and Milk or Fried shredded pork and pickled green noodles with egg.

Lunch: Braised weever with brown sauce (does anyone know what that is?,) Salted egg with minced pork, or stewed shredded eel and bamboo shoots..Mmm

Supper: Gingeli and sliced fish (huh?,) Ham and pigeon, or Stir fried slices pork and black mushrooms. Choice of vegetables: Fried sugar peas or saute chrysanthemum. And Choice of soup: Hot and sour soup or Diced duck and radish soup.

Now doesn't that all sound yummy? Fortunately, Eric has a good woman who loves him. I brought him a Filet minion Steak with Onion soup and salad, all for $12.00usd. We have a restaurant called The Bull Fighter, located down stairs from the apartment. This place is about the equal to a Sizzler. No matter how good or bad it was, Eric was stuffed.

Occasionally, Eric lucks out an ends up with a some what yummy meal. Boy is he playing up on the Private Nanny thing. Heck, he even has her hand feeding him. This is one thing you would never find in a U.S. hospital. When I get him home, I'll have my work cut out for me, trying to de-program him.

Seriously, the staff here at the hospital have been fabulous. Yes, communication is at times challenging, but for the most part you are very well taken care of. Eric's nanny feeds him, baths him, an even takes evening strolls with him up and down the hall. I asked Eric if I should be jealous..hehe..

We did have a minor set back in regards to Eric's discharge. Apparently Eric is showing signs that his Hep C levels are growing. So the Doctors started him on Interferon. One shot every other day. "Not so bad," he says. We knew that he was going to have to go through the Interferon as well. We just didn't realize it was going to be literally right after. Eric is getting cabin fever. He went as far as to question the Doctors. He asked them why they haven't check his blood sugar, or tested his blood levels for that last 2 to 3 days? There answers were "Don't need to anymore, there fine." He tried to convince them that there was no reason for them to keep them in the hospital. They told him that he still needed a shot (interferon.) He's just couldn't understand why for 1 shot. This just goes to show you that the hospitals here are interested in rushing you off until it time. Never the less, Eric was bummed that he is now in there for an additional 2 days. Big deal! He's better off in there, With a flu going around and his immune system affected by the anti-rejection drugs. Besides, he's have fun teasing Missy Joe.

So It is currently 1:30am Saturday morning here in Shanghai, 9:30am Friday on the Pacific Coast, and I am wore out. Good night!


Blogger Ron & Debbie Simoni said...

Just talked to Eric and he gave us your blog site so we are a little late on tuning in. Wow! You already have an unbelievable story! We love you guys and are so thankful that you have come so far with such great news. You are blessed with a second chance and know that your "pay it foward" will be sharing this story with others. Reading this site reminds Ron and I how precious life is. Thank you for your bravery, truth and amazing spirit. We love you both!

3/31/2006 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lori & Eric

I hope rebound from this set back quickly and are on the road to recovery really soon. Take care, love ya

Aunt Pattie

4/01/2006 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Robyn Mc said...


My husband Mac is in a very similar position to Eric's (pre-transplant). He was tossed out of Stanford's transplant program and we are now anticipating an appointment with an oncologist in Santa Cruz (we live in the mountains).

I have been looking online for information about what his last days could be expected to be like. And I was planning on talking to mortuaries and the hospice program.

Needless to say, your transplant story has rocked my world! Could it be that Mac isn't under a death sentence? Oh my god!

May I ask particulars? How did you find the hospital/doctors in Shanghai? How expensive was it and do they require cash?

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but we are also running out of time.

Thanks so much for posting this online. This is staggering to me. And the first bit of hope since talking to his doctor at Stanford last week.

Robyn (

4/01/2006 5:46 PM  
Anonymous Richard Fong said...

Hi Eric,

I received your e-mail address from a neighbor of your friend Sheryl, and have tried to send a message several times, but I receive a "failure" message. I would like to get more information on your transplant screening process as I was denied a transplant at CPMC. I need a liver and kidney transplant.

Thank you very much,
Richard Fong
e-mail address:

4/01/2006 11:03 PM  
Anonymous Stretch said...

Hey Redman! You look great (for an old man)!!!! Can't wait 'till your both back, and I can start reading your book. I'll pre-order one autographed copy through Amazon. Hurry up and get your but back here. Stretch.

4/02/2006 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, after what you have been through, A couple of shots should be a breeze. You've come a long way. May the Lord bring you home safe. God Bless you both.

Love Paula

4/02/2006 6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dad im back!!! and i will see you 2marrow.....

love desi and tiana

4/03/2006 4:27 PM  
Anonymous Bob Norman said...

Hey Lori,
Eric is the luckiest guy I know...not only for having his life saved but for having the most wonderful wife a guy could ask for. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. This AM I wrote a publisher I know as you deserve a book deal.
Love Bob & Colleen Norman

4/21/2006 8:21 AM  

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