Transplant Tales: to China and back

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

20 A.T
We got up bright an early on April 4th. We managed to get the luggage packed the night before. Hard to believe, we got everything packed! We toasted off the last evening by ordering some food from the one restaurant we have grown to love, Simply Thai. Joyce an I still needed to head over to the fabric market and pick up a couple of outfits we bought last minute. So there we were. Running on about 3 hours of sleep we were up by 6 am. Eric was in the kitchen making breakfast. He is acting like he is picking up right where he left off. Skillet fried country potatoes with bell pepper and poached eggs on bread. This was just what we needed to start our day. Joyce I ran out the door and picked up our outfits. We returned about an hour later, about 9:00 am. Ok 15 minutes and Tony will be here to take us to the airport. Plane leaves at 12:45 pm. Oh we have time to stop at Starbucks for one last Shanghai Latte. Leave it to me to schedule every minute to the last minute. Just enough time left to run back up to the apartment and do one final walk through. Did we forget anything?

To late now! We are home, back in the good ole Us of A. Eric an I were so anxious to get home to the kids, we both could not sleep on the 10 hour flight. I took forever, to get our luggage and make our way through customs. But we finally passed through the doors to family and friends waiting for Eric. We were greeted by Eric's daughters, Desi, Athena, an Andrea. Along with them were Dominic and Samantha, including Eric's granddaughter Tiana. Samantha was the first to howler "Daddy!" She was adorable wearing the little China doll dress I brought back a couple of weeks ago. Eric was also greeted by a few good friends, George, Bill Pezell, Leo, and Wayne. Non of them could get over how good Eric looked. He looks Fantastic!!

We made our way home and ah... I never realized how much I missed my couch. We ended up with a couple visitors during the day, Eric's pals, Paul and Todd. Eric finally realized how tired he was when the clock hit 3:00 pm. For the rest of the afternoon an evening he slept off an on. Until about 3:00 am tis morning. We both are trying to readjust to the time change.

It's 8:oo am Eric has just had his first shower since the surgery. All I hear is ohhs and ahhs. He still has a pink belly from the iodine. So I can still call him my pink belly sap sucker.

He has got an appointment with Dr Wilkes his GI doctor at 3:00 pm today. So we are a bit excited to see the look on his face. When Eric comes waltzing through that hospital door. We tell you about it later.

Ta Ta for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric and Lori, We haven't had time to read your blog since 3/31 we have had our own medical emergency going on. Glad to hear your back at home safe and sound. Take care of yourself Eric. Thank the Lord you have another chance at a long and happy life.

Love Paula

4/08/2006 11:58 PM  

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